Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Blog Hop Titles

Got my titles/topics for the first two weeks (roughly half) of the Spanking Blog Challenge. Like the prices on your favorite ice cream, they're subject to change, but I'm aiming to be on time with all of them. For your reading pleasure, or at least I do hope you'll like 'em, here they go:

June 1   Alpha Males
June 2   Bohannon
June 3   Cowboys & the Bad Girls Who Love Them
June 4    Dessert
June 5    Everywoman
June 6     Foolish Little Details
June 7     Garner Falls
June 8     Hot Historicals
June 9     Idiosyncrasies
June 10   Jack Bauer
June 11   Kiss Me, Kate
June 12   Let's Make a Deal
June 13   Modern Romance Novels
June 14   New Character: Melanie Cranford

That's my lineup so far. See ya June 1st!


  1. Will hop back here later, didn't find your Alpha Males!

  2. Thanks for coming, Kathy! Hope to have tomorrow's entry up by the time you get here! :D