Tuesday, February 24, 2015


WELCOME TO MY NEW BOOK! Coming out TODAY from Blushing Books!

Determined to go on with her life following her divorce—and lose eight pounds, while she’s at it—Kelly Long sets off to hike up a North Carolina mountain with her dog, Mimi. The very last thing she expects to find in those woods is a portal, a doorway to another time and place, which transports her, toy poodle and all, back to 1871 Wyoming. Back to the Wild West, a time of cowboys, horses and wagons, and unfortunately for Kelly, a time when men weren’t shy about spanking a misbehaving wife.

Jess McSwain, formerly of the infamous McSwain Brothers, doesn’t know what to make of his “future girl.” For the past few years, the former outlaw has been doing his best to leave his past behind in favor of a quiet life as a farmer. But life with Kelly is anything but quiet. The career woman struggling to find the portal that will lead her back to the only life she’s known consistently find herself over McSwain’s knee. She also finds herself in his arms…which feels more like home than anyplace else she’s ever known.

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