Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cowboys and the Bad Girls Who Love Them

Are you like me in this aspect?

Not to tear down other kinds of romantic heroes, but there's something about the cowboy that just grabs you. This week, I was checking out titles of books I'd like to read (wanted for my Nook or Kindle app) and I'm drawn like a bee to honey when it comes to those cowboys.

Guess that would make us, as readers and/or writers, fall into the "bad girl" category, along with our heroes, no? Listen, there's something to it when even the villains--those cowboys traditionally dressed in black--can give you heart palpitations.

That got me checking out some cowboys-as-outlaws stories. I have to confess that I was watching THE LONE RANGER on DVD this week, just totally ignoring Johnny Depp's Captain-Jack-Sparrow-as-Tonto. Armie Hammer's watered-down Lone Ranger isn't much better, either.

But then here comes William Fichtner, that charming, blue-eyed character actor, as Butch Cavendish. Let me tell you, they have him made up exaggeratedly ugly, with a gold tooth, stringy black hair--the works. They also added a gruesome touch (which I won't mention just in case you plan on seeing this film) that is pretty much unnecessary, which I also ignored.

Anyway, there's a scene where he goes and talks about getting "a taste" of the Lone Ranger's love interest, talking to her all low and dangerous and sexy bad guy-ish, all with that yummy Western twang, and that's it! I'm off to check out/buy/put on my TBR wish list anything with cowboy outlaws.

Conclusion? It ain't totally about the looks. Cowboys just have that magic, that attitude, that virility that earns them their rightful place in the romance genre. And that's whether he's a rancher, a rodeo star, or a soon-to-be-reformed outlaws.

A romance with a cowboy and his bad girl--or a good girl with some bad girl seasoning--is as delicious as a sinfully silky chocolate cake topped with a dollop of ice cream...only without all the calories! Bon appetit!!!


  1. I agree Kira. Nothin' hotter than a Cowboy who tries to tame HIS bad girl:) HOT!!!

  2. That's right, Rhonda! (Sorry I didn't answer sooner. Just came back from work & a bikeride!)