Saturday, June 7, 2014

"F" is for "Foolish Little Details"

(By hook or by crook, I am going to catch up with this blog! LOL! Forgive me for my delay. I was sidetracked by my "civilian job," which had more drama than usual this week, and can you say, "How long until retirement????" Also, my grandson, that cutie, turned the ripe, old age of 4 this week, so we hosted his pool party at our house. My son and daughter-in-law did all the work; I just whipped up enough meatballs and pasta to feed the New York Yankees. Enough on that--on with the challenge! One more note: That's not a pic of me to the left, but I do dress something like that, with tops like that and denim Capris, and I'm also very attached to my phone and laptop, LOL!)

So "F" is for "Foolish Little Details," though it should really be named "15 Obscure & Quirky Things That Most People Don't Know About Me." Which most people probably don't care about, either, but they ARE foolish, little details, and I need an "F" for my A to Z Challenge. It'll do. So here goes!

1)     Under another name, I write vanilla romance and other genres.
2)     Even though I really am a Latina, I just *barely* can dance el merengue. However, before I die, I'd love to learn & master salsa dancing. I do listen to lots of salsa, so hopefully that makes up for my ineptitude with Latin dance.
3)     Some women love shoes; some love purses; I love both. I mean, really, can you ever have enough purses???
4)     In the same vein as No. 3, I love backpacks, especially the funky, teen-style ones. So cute and perfect for carrying your Ipad and notebook.
5)     I still do write a lot of first drafts with a pen and a notebook. Quaint, huh? But the techy side of me likes to write on the Werdsmith app on my phone, which I didn't think I'd ever use, but it's easier than I initially thought and comes in quite handy when you're at the doctor's and waiting to be seen.
6)     I am fluent in Spanish.
7)     My great-grandmother's name was America, like the actress, America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame.
8)     Both of my grandfathers, maternal and paternal, hailed from Spain.
9)     While working in Sears at the age of 17, I dated their 18-year-old Santa, who was handsome and skinny under that red suit.
10)     My husband and I attended the same Tim Curry (best known for The Rocky Horror Picture Show) concert at New York's Bottom Line about a year before we actually met. Talk about fate! His date was a Tim Curry fan, as were my best friend and another girl who had me tag along with them that same night.
11)     I can make a mean Key Lime pie.
12)     I love writing and reading spanking romance. It's always fascinated me. That's a whole other entry, but I find it has helped me to grow creatively, because it's truly enjoyable to write.
13)     For my grandkids, I try to always keep cookies in the house. My daughter-in-law has given up scolding me for it. Hey, I'm a grandma. That's how we ROLL.
14)     I hate elevators, to the point that I actually always try to get a hotel room on the 1st or 2nd floors.
15)     Even though I'm in my 50s now, I am planning on someday (soon) getting a belly ring. While taking belly dancing, I noticed a few of my fellow dancers--even the older ones--wore them and just fell in love. I want one!


  1. You should absolutely go for the belly ring. I love that you say can't dance but did belly dancing. What a delightful post, Kira, I loved every one of your foolish little details. Pen and a notebook huh. I use a fountain pen all the time (hush).

    1. Good evening, Han! Thank you so much! I LOVE fountain pens. If that gets you to connect with the story, I say absolutely treasure it. Thank you for your encouragement & I enjoyed visiting your blog!

  2. Go for the belly ring! I'm not that far behind you age-wise, and I also plan to get one. I envy you your belly-dancing. I've wanted to do that for a long time now, but we are so remote, there are no classes within a 3 hour drive any direction. :(

    On the plus side, the best thing about this blog hop is finding new authors. Guess what? I found you! I can't wait to start Cowboy of Her Dreams. :)

    1. Wow!! I actually saw your post earlier but had to fix some chicken fajitas for the hubby & kids, but I was SO thrilled to see you on here. I love your work, Maren, with Mountain Man probably being my favorite. (Though Kindred Spirits was an excellent read, too.) Keep me posted on the belly ring & I will, too! :D

  3. I say go for the belly ring:)
    I can't wait to read "Cowboy of Her Dreams" I love Cowboy stories:))