Saturday, June 7, 2014


(Sorry about that! I'm a couple days behind on the Spanking A to Z Challenge. Hoping to catch up or, as Sesame Street would say, "This entry is being brought to you by the letters E and F!")

Let's talk about Everywoman. Of course, we don't call her that, and she comes in all different shapes and forms. She does all sorts of jobs and (if you write sweet romance) she ends up finding extraordinary and sweet love. Conversely, if you write erotica, she ends up finding extraordinary sex AND extraordinary love (with an HEA or an HEA-for-now). The really naughty ones end up finding a great hero who'll spank them, if their author happens to write spanking romance.  Everywoman always makes a fun spankee, or so I've found!

That's not to say the heroine who kicks butt in a romantic suspense as a cop isn't a fun read, because we all know she is. That would be the high-powered exec in high heels, the supermodel, the singing sensation, or the supernatural vampire or mermaid, that goes for them, too. I'm sure you could find lots of red-blooded and gorgeous heroes who'd be ready and willing to spank any of them, too, with just as fun results.

Yet this is in praise of the Everywoman. You would do her an injustice by calling her "an average woman" because no woman is average; there is something interesting to find in each woman: a secret buried in yesterday worth unearthing; how she brings love and tenderness into the life of some FBI agent or swashbuckling pirate or seasoned cowboy.

The reader can put herself in the place off the Medieval princess or the sultry alien from another galaxy, but she readily identifies with Everywoman. What you're probably saying, and you're right, is the heroine with the glamorous career or special talent or supernatural identity can also be revealed to be, at heart, an Everywoman. That is what makes the female spy vulnerable--finding that human part of her, finding out who the woman under the superheroine costume really is, and that's always even more enduring when the reader learns it through the eyes of an adoring hero.

Now I'm off to catch up with other blogs on the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge!

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