Thursday, December 30, 2010


Melange Books will be releasing my first romance novel, I DREAM OF AMY, in late January 2011, one of its launch titles. More details as they come!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Excerpt from I DREAM OF AMY

On this cold December morning, here's some hot cocoa for your imagination: a snippet from my January 2011 release, I DREAM OF AMY!

It was just a mouthful of ice cream. No, less.

And it had fallen right on her right breast.

Jonah watched with keen interest. He knew it wasn’t gentlemanly, that he would have been wise to avert his eyes. Still, he watched as she captured the ice cream on her finger, then captured it from there with a flick of her tongue.

Be a good host, have your ice cream, and get to bed. All in that order, without time for his body rising to the occasion all because of one little wardrobe/food malfunction. Maybe she hadn’t noticed that he’d noticed that innocently sensual action that had just occurred.

But that wasn’t the case there. Jonah’s eyes met Amanda’s.

Amy’s eyes. She said you could call her Amy.

What’s in a name? Shakespeare had said that. Not that he’d read anything more of Shakespeare’s works than Romeo and Juliet, required reading for junior high school, which he’d attended forever ago. Everybody knew Shakespearean quotes, though. Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? To thine own self be true. All the world’s a stage.

What’s in a name? Also from Romeo and Juliet. Funny, but a name did change things. A name presented obstacles. Or possibilities. One name could be mysterious and elusive, even glamorous.

Like Amanda.

The other could be intimate and even homespun. That was the girl next door who, given a chance, could be even more enticing than the girl on the cover on the magazine cover.

Like Amy.

Staring directly into his eyes, she slowly lifted a spoonful of Delight, brought it closer to her body, and then she flipped the spoon over. That sent an even bigger creamy dollop, chocolate chip bits and all, plunging to her left breast. Amy’s grin was seductive.

“Ooops again. Wanna get that for me?”

She was flirting with him. He was better at being gentlemanly, and that might have come as a surprise to her, than at flirting. He reached for a napkin from the wooden holder on the table and started handing it to her. That would have taken care of that, effectively closing the door on the whole flirtation thing. Why start something with a woman who wasn’t going to hang around long enough for anything real to start? She was going back to her own world as soon as those roads were passable.
But she wanted to start something.

And so did he....