Tuesday, September 29, 2015

News Coming Soon

Okay, this is NOT just a tease. Well, maybe something of a tease. Anyway, news coming soon on THREE new projects in the works. Also just some chatting, plus what books I've been reading and enjoying, books written by other Blushing authors.

So come back this week!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Want a little taste of my newest book, NEVER TOO LATE, which is now available. Enjoy!

One minute he was showing off the old car, which had taken him some time to restore after the owner had sold it to him for a song, and the next he and Kit had closed in the space between them for a kiss. First one kiss, then the second, then he’d lost count. They were kissing and wrapped up in each other’s arms. The temperature in the car had instantaneously gotten as hot as the sun in the tropics.
Kit interrupted a kiss to ask in a worried tone, “I hope you don’t get the wrong idea about me.”
“Wrong idea? What? No, babe, no.”
He’d had his share of girlfriends when he was younger. He’d been with his wife, though he wondered how long they would have lasted together if she hadn’t died. There had even been a woman here and there afterwards, but his heart hadn’t been into it.
His heart was into it now. His whole body was into it, in fact.
“Can anybody see us in here?” she asked.
“We can—we can go in the house. Quickly.” Andrew was so turned on, and it had been so long, he didn’t know if he’d make it to the bedroom.
Yet he’d do his best to hang on. It wasn’t easy, with her and her kisses and her body driving him crazy.
“Well, if they can’t see us, this is kinda fun. Kinda naughty.” Even her giggle was adorable. “I don’t want to mess up your show car, though.”
“I’ve got a drop cloth in the garage. Used it for painting the living room this year. If you don’t mind, I can drape it over the backseat. It’d be a lot more comfortable back there, too.”
“No, I don’t mind. Let’s do it!” Her enthusiasm added a sparkle to her eye. “In the backseat of a guy’s car. Now I really feel like a bad girl!”
She probably did have some bad girl in her, too. Andrew thought about that as he hurried to get the large cloth. It was a bit dusty from being in the garage, but the heck with it. He could always vacuum the Charger sometime later that week. He would’ve had to be out of his mind to let a little dust come between him and sex with the beautiful, redheaded minx who’d sashayed into his life. Also, it took him an extra couple of minutes, but he found the condoms he kept in the downstairs bedroom and stuffed them into his pocket.
When he returned, he found Kit waiting for him, leaning against the door and smiling. Her legs were crossed at the ankles. Andrew was certain he looked like an eager teenager, unable to wipe the smirk from his face.
“I’ll do that,” she said, taking the heavy, paint-dotted cloth from his hands.
“Are you sure? I just thought of something. The paint’s dried on that thing, but you might get your dress dirty.”
“Eh, that’s what drycleaners are for. Besides, that’s a small price to pay for being with you tonight.”
Immediately, he understood why she’d offered to spread the tarp over the backseat. That meant half of her was in the car, while the other half of her—the bottom half—was mostly out. The fabric of her dress was stretched taut across her behind, and the back muscles of her legs were tightened. His little bad girl was taunting him with the view.
It was a night of gambles. He’d gambled with the chance she wouldn’t show up for dinner at the Tavern. He’d taken a chance she wouldn’t keep kissing him, which had led them to this exciting point in the evening. Now there was one more gamble he could take, the one with the odds stacked against it.
“Hey, you know, you shouldn’t tease like that, young lady,” he warned, maintaining a jovial tone. “You might find yourself over my knee, getting spanked.”

Andrew widened his eyes. He hadn’t meant to distract her, and now she’d banged her head while trying to get out of the car and straighten up. Was she about to go all liberated woman on him?