Saturday, July 28, 2012

And now for something new--my latest book, THE COWBOY OF HER DREAMS! Available now on Amazon, and here's a little info on this book, which is the first of "The Cowboys of Lindsay Falls" series!

Lights, camera—cowboy!

Stone Farrell has finally returned to the Circle F Ranch, but he left his heart back in Hollywood. The caretaker, spirited Jenna Price, has been expecting a rugged cowboy, not an actor who plays bad guys. Not only is she worried he’ll sell the ranch, which has been home for years to her and her brother, but he’s already engaged to a spoiled, up-and-coming Tinselton diva. To think Jenna has been secretly in love with a man who butts heads with her, and who makes it known he’s the boss at the ranch. Stone knows how to get that point across, even if it means taking a certain sexy but headstrong cowgirl over his knee. Deep down, Stone knows that land and everything on it belongs to him…but can he live up to the legend Jenna’s made him out to be in her imagination, now that she’s turning his world upside down?


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