Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A, B & C!

Yes! I'm cheating, shamelessly so, getting the first 3 letters down on June 3rd because I missed the first couple of days of the blog hop. Forgive me! But I want to make sure I get on track tomorrow with only one letter to deal with, LOL!

So with no further ado, for your entertainment, here are A, B & C. However, there is a common thread to these three letters...and that would be just a few favorite things found in a spankable romance heroine's closet, items of clothing romantic spanking heroes would find fun, too.

Those would be:

Apron--as in, like one of those cute, little, frilly aprons (think French maid-style). The kind of apron women wore to do housework and cook in the 1950s and '60s would work, nicely, too, though. Aprons are rather convenient for heroes, also, in that they aren't cumbersome or in the way at all, and the heroine can get right back to her chores after getting her comeuppance!

Baby Doll Nightie. Need I say more? Those tend to versatile in that most heroines have a huge variety, in lots of colors besides black and red, and they tend to wear them from the spanking scene straight into the love scene. In other words, your heroine wears 'em for less than an hour.

Last but not least,

Cowgirl Threads, usually worn by our cowgirl heroines. For the sake of diversity, however, a city heroine who somehow lands herself onto a ranch with a no-nonsense cowboy could easily trade in her high heels for a pair of well-worn jeans and boots, as well as finding herself in hot water with said cowboy! Sure wouldn't be the first time. ;D

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